The Style is the Pillar Itself, Parthenon-Frieze,
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
Stirring Still, Art Quarter Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Revealing Intuition – Immanence Catches Transcendence and Thereby Determines Himself, Óbudai Társaskör Galéria, Budapest

Au soi-męme, private studio, Budapest
au cours de / közben, LLPlatform, Budapest
Megjelenés / Appearance, acb Attachment, Budapest
elé / prê, Everybody Needs Art Viewing Space, Budapest

Logos, Tekhnos, Textos, Videos, Audios, Lajos, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Vectors - Inscription on a future ancient skull II. New Budapest Gallery
The Blood is Red / The Patterns of Blood Neon Gallery, Budapest

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Vectors - Inscription on a future ancient skull Miskolc Gallery Municipal Museum

Pecs Gallery M21, Pécs

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Trafo Gallery, Budapest
Ghost Trap
Neon Gallery, Budapest

Escape Attempt
Museum Kiscell - Municipal Picture Gallery Cordially
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Videospace Gallery, Budapest

Anticipated Target Concepts
Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre
Constellation of Bones
Neon Gallery, Budapest
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Liget Gallery, Budapest

Delusion with Chord Suite
Pixel Gallery, Millenáris, Budapest

The Phantom of the Museum
Vasarely Museum, Pécs
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Irokéz, Szombathely

Lada Gallery, Berlin
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When Johnny Goes Marching Home, video installation for the 'Generally Believed' exhibition, Mongolischen Botschaft in Berlin, Berlin

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Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Summer Wine
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Intercourse - 49. Biennale di Venezia, Hungarian Pavilion

The Carnival…, City Gallery, Szombathely
PSVMK Gallery, Győr (H)

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Schkitz #1, Tűzoltó 72. Gallery, Budapest

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Untitled, Újlak Cinema, Budapest
Untitled, Young Artists’ Club, Budapest

Resistance I., Bercsényi College, Budapest
Resistance II., private studio, Budapest

Untitled, Young Artists’ Club, Budapest

Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap

Tamás Komoróczky’s latest solo show at Galéria Neon offers to take the visitor on a psychic trip to a deeper layer of consciousness, singling out the spirit in spirituality and taking the inner soul to a totally other level. Ghost Trap combines the artist’s longstanding interest in the internet-era school of memetic thought – which is based on the study of the intra-human transmission of meme forms through stories, metaphors and networks of cultural associations – with the excavation of a variety of spiritual sources and creative research into the notion of the inner voice. Komoróczky gives us a rendezvous with the esoteric, tapping into hidden dimensions of existence whose sound is usually drowned out by the drone of the everyday, and reminding us that art does not have to be either trendy, political or commercial in order to be contemporary. Step one on this unorthodox spiritualist journey involves opening up your inner ear to the voice of shamanic wisdom that penetrates your brain through two head-level speakers exuding disembodied electronic speech. Your next move after the sound installation is to ponder the video projection on the opposite wall, which is described as a recording made with a ‘fog camera’, and is a visual equivalent to the shamanic incantations.

The fog clears in the next room, where two large wall designs represent the neural networks of the brain, and nestled within this rhizomatic structure are various scientific theories, notes and fantasies executed in silvery type. Among the many outlandish statements recorded here is the observation that we are surrounded by non-human intelligent life forms that regularly lie to us for their own entertainment. The ghost trap itself takes the form of a neon light installation suspended from the ceiling in which the Hindu word for ghost is enclosed by a circle and a triangle complete with Native-American-style shamanic feathers.

Tom Popper