A múlt horizontjába hatolás és az egymást takaró rétegek fokozatos félrehúzása = emlékezés,
galeri ffrindiau, Budapest

The Style is the Pillar Itself, Parthenon-Frieze,
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
Stirring Still, Art Quarter Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Revealing Intuition – Immanence Catches Transcendence and Thereby Determines Himself, Óbudai Társaskör Galéria, Budapest

Au soi-męme, private studio, Budapest
au cours de / közben, LLPlatform, Budapest
Megjelenés / Appearance, acb Attachment, Budapest
elé / prê, Everybody Needs Art Viewing Space, Budapest

Logos, Tekhnos, Textos, Videos, Audios, Lajos, Budapest Gallery, Budapest

Vectors - Inscription on a future ancient skull II. New Budapest Gallery
The Blood is Red / The Patterns of Blood Neon Gallery, Budapest

Milksoup as a Forced Existentialist Metaphor Higgs Field Gallery, Budapest
Vectors - Inscription on a future ancient skull Miskolc Gallery Municipal Museum

Pecs Gallery M21, Pécs

Everything eats, everything is eaten
Trafo Gallery, Budapest
Ghost Trap
Neon Gallery, Budapest

Escape Attempt
Museum Kiscell - Municipal Picture Gallery Cordially
Flying Carpet
Videospace Gallery, Budapest

Anticipated Target Concepts
Vajda Lajos Studio, Szentendre
Constellation of Bones
Neon Gallery, Budapest
A Poem About Nothing
Liget Gallery, Budapest

Delusion with Chord Suite
Pixel Gallery, Millenáris, Budapest

The Phantom of the Museum
Vasarely Museum, Pécs
Schkitz #2
Irokéz, Szombathely

Lada Gallery, Berlin
Hunting Trip, Impex Gallery, Budapest

When Johnny Goes Marching Home, video installation for the 'Generally Believed' exhibition, Mongolischen Botschaft in Berlin, Berlin

Dr.Sample & Mr.Shooter,
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
Summer Wine
MEMO, acb Gallery, Budapest

God speed, acb Gallery, Budapest

Turboreflex - Supercut, acb Gallery, Budapest

Oscillatory, Compensation, Dream, XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo
Supervision, Gallery Display, Praha
Then Nothing Else but the Buzzing of the Bees, RAM Gallery, Rotterdam
Things fall out now this way, now that, BBS, Budapest
Supervision, Galleria U, Helsinki

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Intercourse - 49. Biennale di Venezia, Hungarian Pavilion

The Carnival…, City Gallery, Szombathely
PSVMK Gallery, Győr (H)

6 pictures/ordo/c3/999, ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros (H)

Site Transitoire, Italian Insitute, Budapest
Monument or a bit of Masturbation, Knoll Gallery, Budapest

Gallery by Night (with Lang/Bauman) Studio Gallery, Budapest

Alibi Fashion, Studio Gallery, Budapest

The House of Alibi, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest

Logo, Mű-Terem Gallery, Budapest

Schkitz #1, Tűzoltó 72. Gallery, Budapest

6 Channels, Tűzoltó 72. Gallery, Budapest

Untitled, Újlak Cinema, Budapest
Untitled, Young Artists’ Club, Budapest

Resistance I., Bercsényi College, Budapest
Resistance II., private studio, Budapest

Untitled, Young Artists’ Club, Budapest

God Speed

God Speed


(videos: rap tram, carfuck, jazz, doggy style, body count)

improvisation of Rob Savelberg

One, two, three
Let’s do the carfuck!
You have to give a little instructions to do a little carfuck, don’t we?
Can you show me this Meisterjäger. Maybe we can do a little carfuck with this Meisterjäger. We are going to check it out. Allright, this destroyed car is even better. Yeah,
Hola! This is a good book.
Ha! Okay! Okay.
Can we do it?
I think we can do it.
Ah, this is a carfuck, could it be?
This one?
We do another carfuck.
Where are you?
Ah. Okay.
We people like our car so much.
We love them more than we love our children and our women.
And what do we do with our children and our women?
We fuck them.
This is not very good, but this is how it goes; in Belgium, with Marc Dutroux and all this guys. But a little bit more, in fact, we like to fuck our cars. I am going to show you how.
Okay? Okay? Big Rob, small Rob. Big rob. Small Rob. We have to do some car fuck.
Okay. Carfuck. We go fucky fucky. Go carfuck.
Everybody loves to do their carfuck. Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Okay. Come on: a little bit more carfuck. I need to have some gasoline. Gasoline! Here it is. We have a little carfuck. Fucky fucky. We have to do the carfuck! Maybe we have to…
- ,,Stop!’’
Give us some carfuck! Like everybody we love our cars. This is Germany! More cars! Even more. Okay! Okidoki! Come on! Come on! Ho! Holaholahola. Großer Carfuck. Everybody loves to do their car… You’re so beautiful. Look at this! So much metal and glass! We are rolling and living in our little Zivilpanzer. You know: this is a Panzer! Rhythm, give me some dancer. And a carfuck. Okay. Come on. Please don’t stop! Okay, okay. Yeah! Hola: this is my lady in red. Come on, shake it baby, shake it, shake it! Lady in red: shake it, shake it! Hupsakee, one, two, three. Ah yeah!