Nondirectionality (outlook from the tower), 4 min

Divide and quit, 7 min

Appearance, 10 min

A history of the world in 100 objects - The new Ozymandias, 14 min

Ancient: anal tyranny, 9 min
Bluten Tag!, 14 min
Milksoup - Alphaville, 1 min

Inscription on a future ancient skull, 3 min

Absolute-absurd, 6 min

Throne of Blood, 2 min
Margit /Meme/ (detail), 6 min
Philosophical wall-paper with mind-droning effect, 2 min (loop)

Fertile Obscurity, 8 min
Proto (Bone Wars), 6 min
A Poem About Nothing, 14 min

A Nothing Poem, 3 min
There is something bizarre in here..., I don't feel good about this place..., I want to go home..., 5 chanels video, 5 min
Delusion with Chord Suite, 2x6 chanels video, 15 min

Delusion or The Jump of The Lioness, 5min
Ghost, Spirit or Demon, 2 min
Schkitz #2, 10 min
Cloud Chamber (Samples of Fluctuation), 26 min

The Name of the Code: UUUU, (remake), 7 min
Hunter (Shiva's Dance), 3 min
TELE (Le Samurai), 72 min
medley, concertino, scared, wait, sally, bingo, swan, vox, 60 Herz, ever, rhizomaut,
nickel samovar, robot hero, escape, dissolve, b, rollercoaster, awake, post, folk song, juppiter, navy, omen, prod, strings, no guts,
go nuts, bask, scream, smoothly, centre, inflexible, chips, whos down now

Cooking-Operetta, TV series, 4 x 15 min
extracted songs:
Jajj, cica...
Pá, kis aranyom
Ringó vállú...
When Johnny Goes Marching Home, 30 min

Leg, Sky, News, 5 min
Summer Wine, 6 min
Shooting Days, 4 min
Mr.Shooter, videomix, ca.: 1 hour,

ROB (God Speed), 19 min
rap tram, carfuck, jazz, doggy style,
body count
Lullaby, 4 min
Dr.Sample, 25 min
intro, face-shake, dandruff, the voice of the wilderness, opening, chase and wasp, rats in the drainpipe, distended hole

raka_tiki_taki_tao_tö_ki..., 6 min
The Name of the Code: UUUU, 7 min
Sanyi (electric lights), 4 min
TÁDÉ (Turboreflex), 15 min
Girls (Bernadett, Eszter, Orsi), 3 min
Remix, 5 min
Janee, 2 min

Things fall out now this way, now that, 15 min

OCD - reports, 20 min
OCD - brain, 1 min
OCD - 444TV, 10 min
OCD - horror, 5 min
OCD - click, 12 min
OCD - bonus, 3 min

Mad Tom’s Ballad, 10 min.
Then nothing else but the buzzing of the bees, (detail) 12 min.
Domestication of the Tapeworm, 6 min.
The Carnival the Wicked Dew the Tapeworm, and All Rest, 37 min.

Tamás Komoróczky - Csaba Uglár, My heart is gun I-II., 17 min.
665 Frames, 30 sec.
Logo - Now It's Better, infinite loop

Site Transitoire, 43 min.
Monument or a bit of masturbation I.-II.-III., 3, 7, 4 min.

To the Heaven str. 7 / There is milk today, 10 min.


Parallel sport, 15 min.

"Kultúr-Újlak", Magyar Televizió, 40 min.
Logo, infinite loop

Sketch, videoinstallation, infinite loop

You Will Know It ! (videoinstallation on 5 chanell),cca.: 60 min.
Without Title (L.W.p-p.), videoinstallation, infinite loop

Theory and Praxis, BBS, 14 min.
What's in the Box?, TV-series, Magyar Televízió, 3 x 30 min., (with: Sebestyén Kodolányi)
Spiritual brotherhood, videoinstallation, infinite loop
Without Title (space), videoinstallation, infinite loop
Six Channels, videoinstallation, infinite loop

Újlak, BBS, cca.: 60 min. (with: Gábor Farkas)

Morning wood, 28 min.

Mechanic Prayer wheel and Magnetism, 6 min.
Strain, 4 min.



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A Poem About Nothing concept: Tamás Komoróczky
camera: István Imreh
poems: found on Internet
voice: Anna Tihanyi
sound and editing: András Szőnyi

a poem about nothing

Sometimes imagination walks in the mist
Barefoot, it senses the ground
Stumbles in the steps of oblivion
Cautiously treasures anonymity
Divorces every reference
Aspires to a minimalist sublimation
Loses itself in the vastness of silence
Finding only a grey abstraction
Getting excited in the presence of monotony
Screams for a mundane tedium
Drinking the darkness with the eyes
Witnessing the nudity of words
Smiling at blank sheets of paper
Celebrates the emptiness of the pampas
Dances in the invisible turbulence of the air
Craving for a cosmic vacuum
Enjoying the ultimate pleasure of nothing


Poem About Nothing

This is a poem
about nothing

about something
this is a poem

about someone standing
someone lying down

somewhere with doors
closed, doors

open: people are eating
breakfast perhaps: their faces

are peaceful
with chewing

with tasting
sharp smells rise up

from the street, rise up
from beds, from carseats

men and women are walking
they are all going somewhere

else: their arms
swing, their legs

from their hips their clothes

hide, their clothes

there are always secrets
among us someone is lying down

somewhere or else

someone is standing up

the doors there are open
the doors there are closed


Poem About Nothing

It's late, the day passed
I read some
And I wrote some
And all it did was
And Pacify
Me from ranting on and on
About God knows what
Then I get back here
Where I can
Rant on and on
About only God knows what

This is a poem
About my day


A poem about nothing

I'd dreamed about a poem with no words
and a world where no-one
could say anything specific
there were no labels
and no signposts,
no information to download or upload,
but passiflora tumbled down the cliffs
like waterfalls.
So I slept without dreaming
in case the dream was death.


A poem about nothing

To the world:
I’m witty.
I wither away.
To the world:
My smile shines.
My heart dies.
To the world:
These poems are just my bad dreams.
I lie, I lie!
To the world:
I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about me.
I’m always crying.
No one really cares.
Why should they?
I’m nothing in a world of something’s.


Nothing Poem

A poem about nothing...
Flowers grow
Birds sing
Rain falls
Thunder roars
Lighting strikes

Flowers grow
Birds sing
Thunder roars
Lighting strikes

So on and so goes this poem
No end to this nothing poem
There is no end just so on and so on.