Nondirectionality (outlook from the tower), 4 min

Divide and quit, 7 min

Appearance, 10 min

A history of the world in 100 objects - The new Ozymandias, 14 min

Ancient: anal tyranny, 9 min
Bluten Tag!, 14 min
Milksoup - Alphaville, 1 min

Inscription on a future ancient skull, 3 min

Absolute-absurd, 6 min

Throne of Blood, 2 min
Margit /Meme/ (detail), 6 min
Philosophical wall-paper with mind-droning effect, 2 min (loop)

Fertile Obscurity, 8 min
Proto (Bone Wars), 6 min
A Poem About Nothing, 14 min

A Nothing Poem, 3 min
There is something bizarre in here..., I don't feel good about this place..., I want to go home..., 5 chanels video, 5 min
Delusion with Chord Suite, 2x6 chanels video, 15 min

Delusion or The Jump of The Lioness, 5min
Ghost, Spirit or Demon, 2 min
Schkitz #2, 10 min
Cloud Chamber (Samples of Fluctuation), 26 min

The Name of the Code: UUUU, (remake), 7 min
Hunter (Shiva's Dance), 3 min
TELE (Le Samurai), 72 min
medley, concertino, scared, wait, sally, bingo, swan, vox, 60 Herz, ever, rhizomaut,
nickel samovar, robot hero, escape, dissolve, b, rollercoaster, awake, post, folk song, juppiter, navy, omen, prod, strings, no guts,
go nuts, bask, scream, smoothly, centre, inflexible, chips, whos down now

Cooking-Operetta, TV series, 4 x 15 min
extracted songs:
Jajj, cica...
Pá, kis aranyom
Ringó vállú...
When Johnny Goes Marching Home, 30 min

Leg, Sky, News, 5 min
Summer Wine, 6 min
Shooting Days, 4 min
Mr.Shooter, videomix, ca.: 1 hour,

ROB (God Speed), 19 min
rap tram, carfuck, jazz, doggy style,
body count
Lullaby, 4 min
Dr.Sample, 25 min
intro, face-shake, dandruff, the voice of the wilderness, opening, chase and wasp, rats in the drainpipe, distended hole

raka_tiki_taki_tao_tö_ki..., 6 min
The Name of the Code: UUUU, 7 min
Sanyi (electric lights), 4 min
TÁDÉ (Turboreflex), 15 min
Girls (Bernadett, Eszter, Orsi), 3 min
Remix, 5 min
Janee, 2 min

Things fall out now this way, now that, 15 min

OCD - reports, 20 min
OCD - brain, 1 min
OCD - 444TV, 10 min
OCD - horror, 5 min
OCD - click, 12 min
OCD - bonus, 3 min

Mad Tom’s Ballad, 10 min.
Then nothing else but the buzzing of the bees, (detail) 12 min.
Domestication of the Tapeworm, 6 min.
The Carnival the Wicked Dew the Tapeworm, and All Rest, 37 min.

Tamás Komoróczky - Csaba Uglár, My heart is gun I-II., 17 min.
665 Frames, 30 sec.
Logo - Now It's Better, infinite loop

Site Transitoire, 43 min.
Monument or a bit of masturbation I.-II.-III., 3, 7, 4 min.

To the Heaven str. 7 / There is milk today, 10 min.


Parallel sport, 15 min.

"Kultúr-Újlak", Magyar Televizió, 40 min.
Logo, infinite loop

Sketch, videoinstallation, infinite loop

You Will Know It ! (videoinstallation on 5 chanell),cca.: 60 min.
Without Title (L.W.p-p.), videoinstallation, infinite loop

Theory and Praxis, BBS, 14 min.
What's in the Box?, TV-series, Magyar Televízió, 3 x 30 min., (with: Sebestyén Kodolányi)
Spiritual brotherhood, videoinstallation, infinite loop
Without Title (space), videoinstallation, infinite loop
Six Channels, videoinstallation, infinite loop

Újlak, BBS, cca.: 60 min. (with: Gábor Farkas)

Morning wood, 28 min.

Mechanic Prayer wheel and Magnetism, 6 min.
Strain, 4 min.



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Beelzebub explains the reciprocal feeding to the Replicator
("Everything eats, everything is eaten" exhibition)
concept and text: Tamás Komoróczky
editing and sound: András Szőnyi

- Hear me out my dear parrot Hassin!

- Now I explain to you why every existing thing in the world feeds, and reciprocally serves as food for others.

- Thus, ’material exchange’, that is, the ’mutual feeding’ of all that exist happens in all that exist. The purpose of this is to stop the harmful effect of the ruthless Heropass, that is, of Time on the Absolute.

- The processes called involution and evolution are merged, in order to secure the realisation of this ’exchange of food’, and to be able to sustain themselves.

- You should be aware of the fundamental cosmic law that consists of three independent forces; in other words, this law is manifested in three distinct, independent aspects everywhere and in everything in the Universe, without exception. These three aspects are the ‘Statement’ (Thesis), the’Negation’ (Antithesis), and the ‘Unification’ (Synthesis)

- The origin of the omnipresent Okidanokh that appears in the space outside the Absolute gains its power from the merger of these three independent forces, and during the subsequent involutions, the life-giving power of its vibrations changes...

- And it is only after this unity is completely destroyed that the principles of the omnipresent-active-element localised in Okidanokh are merged, in order to transform back to Okidanokh, but this time with a vibration that has the vital force.

- Therefore all that came into being – whether large or small – once in direct contact with the Absolute or other emanations, go through a process of uncertainty and loss of balance – a shortage sets in – and as a result, a part of the three independent aspects originating from one of the principles resists another part of its totality (which originates from another principle of the same fundamental cosmic law).

- As long as the emanations are immediately effective around its entire presence, this active element is disintegrated into its three original parts, and to ones which then exist almost independently, but as soon as this immediate effect is terminated, these parts will merge again, to exist as a whole. - Now we have to go on to the nature of the relationship between the omnipresent-element-Okidanokh and the general presence of every being – and what cosmic results appear as a consequence.

- First of all, you need to know that every cosmic gathering that bears the name ’brain’ or ’motive’, is created on the basis of crystallisations, the formation of which takes place with an assertive force represented by the force comprised in the omnipresent-Okidanokh corresponding to the three fundamental aspects, and the subsequent realisations of these forces in the presence of the beings are realised exactly through these localisations.

- The omnipresent-Okidanokh penetrates into the presence of the beings through three kinds of being foods.

- The Okidanokh itself is also necessarily taking part in the production of all the being-food, and consequently it is always present in it.

- Whenever the Okidanokh penetrates into the presence of a being, its every component merges with the perceptions of the being that are adequate for it at that time according to the ’affinity of vibrations’ – then it is concentrated in the appropriate localisations, that is, the adequate brains.