Nondirectionality (outlook from the tower), 4 min

Divide and quit, 7 min

Appearance, 10 min

A history of the world in 100 objects - The new Ozymandias, 14 min

Ancient: anal tyranny, 9 min
Bluten Tag!, 14 min
Milksoup - Alphaville, 1 min

Inscription on a future ancient skull, 3 min

Absolute-absurd, 6 min

Throne of Blood, 2 min
Margit /Meme/ (detail), 6 min
Philosophical wall-paper with mind-droning effect, 2 min (loop)

Fertile Obscurity, 8 min
Proto (Bone Wars), 6 min
A Poem About Nothing, 14 min

A Nothing Poem, 3 min
There is something bizarre in here..., I don't feel good about this place..., I want to go home..., 5 chanels video, 5 min
Delusion with Chord Suite, 2x6 chanels video, 15 min

Delusion or The Jump of The Lioness, 5min
Ghost, Spirit or Demon, 2 min
Schkitz #2, 10 min
Cloud Chamber (Samples of Fluctuation), 26 min

The Name of the Code: UUUU, (remake), 7 min
Hunter (Shiva's Dance), 3 min
TELE (Le Samurai), 72 min
medley, concertino, scared, wait, sally, bingo, swan, vox, 60 Herz, ever, rhizomaut,
nickel samovar, robot hero, escape, dissolve, b, rollercoaster, awake, post, folk song, juppiter, navy, omen, prod, strings, no guts,
go nuts, bask, scream, smoothly, centre, inflexible, chips, whos down now

Cooking-Operetta, TV series, 4 x 15 min
extracted songs:
Jajj, cica...
Pá, kis aranyom
Ringó vállú...
When Johnny Goes Marching Home, 30 min

Leg, Sky, News, 5 min
Summer Wine, 6 min
Shooting Days, 4 min
Mr.Shooter, videomix, ca.: 1 hour,

ROB (God Speed), 19 min
rap tram, carfuck, jazz, doggy style,
body count
Lullaby, 4 min
Dr.Sample, 25 min
intro, face-shake, dandruff, the voice of the wilderness, opening, chase and wasp, rats in the drainpipe, distended hole

raka_tiki_taki_tao_tö_ki..., 6 min
The Name of the Code: UUUU, 7 min
Sanyi (electric lights), 4 min
TÁDÉ (Turboreflex), 15 min
Girls (Bernadett, Eszter, Orsi), 3 min
Remix, 5 min
Janee, 2 min

Things fall out now this way, now that, 15 min

OCD - reports, 20 min
OCD - brain, 1 min
OCD - 444TV, 10 min
OCD - horror, 5 min
OCD - click, 12 min
OCD - bonus, 3 min

Mad Tom’s Ballad, 10 min.
Then nothing else but the buzzing of the bees, (detail) 12 min.
Domestication of the Tapeworm, 6 min.
The Carnival the Wicked Dew the Tapeworm, and All Rest, 37 min.

Tamás Komoróczky - Csaba Uglár, My heart is gun I-II., 17 min.
665 Frames, 30 sec.
Logo - Now It's Better, infinite loop

Site Transitoire, 43 min.
Monument or a bit of masturbation I.-II.-III., 3, 7, 4 min.

To the Heaven str. 7 / There is milk today, 10 min.


Parallel sport, 15 min.

"Kultúr-Újlak", Magyar Televizió, 40 min.
Logo, infinite loop

Sketch, videoinstallation, infinite loop

You Will Know It ! (videoinstallation on 5 chanell),cca.: 60 min.
Without Title (L.W.p-p.), videoinstallation, infinite loop

Theory and Praxis, BBS, 14 min.
What's in the Box?, TV-series, Magyar Televízió, 3 x 30 min., (with: Sebestyén Kodolányi)
Spiritual brotherhood, videoinstallation, infinite loop
Without Title (space), videoinstallation, infinite loop
Six Channels, videoinstallation, infinite loop

Újlak, BBS, cca.: 60 min. (with: Gábor Farkas)

Morning wood, 28 min.

Mechanic Prayer wheel and Magnetism, 6 min.
Strain, 4 min.



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ROB (God Speed) - body count

rap tram, carfuck, jazz, doggy style, body count

Kafka on a car cemetery
© Rob Savelberg 2004

What should I think?
,,Do you want to take part in a small documentary about you between crashed cars?'',
Tamas asked me.

I replied: ,,Sure, but what exactly do you want to film?''

,,That doesn't matter Rob. It is about you in a surfseat'', Tamas answered.

I didn't understand a thing. Why did Tamas want to film me? What did he want to film and was there any concept? The only thing he asked me was to improvise.

Somewhere in a deserted no go area in East-Berlin: The owner of the car- cemetery didn't had a clue what these foreign artists really wanted, but he hadn't anything against it. Between the crashed cars, nothing could be damaged anyway, he must have thought.

During the grey day, the customers of the car-cemetery were over- whelmed by the acts of a strange person in some black wetsuit with a giant ,,R'' on his breast, jumping from car to car, rapping with pitbulls, crying, crashing, playing air guitarre or reciting jazz poems with a pink umbrella to an uncertain public.

It was a very strange, almost bizarre site, between electricity masts, deserted industrial companies and the small commercial car business. To performe in the middle of nowhere, as a flying dutch man, carefully watched by three ungarian cameramen and fotographers and with just a wild card or better said: a card blanche to show the least expected. Kafka on a car cemetery. What happened here was totally absurd, unreal, unpredictabel, unguarded, undirected and unexpected. All human emo- tions joined each other during the three hours of the performance: ath- letic acrobatic acts, laughing like Monty Python, crying like a kid, raging like in Raging Bull, shadowboxing, fucking the back of a red japanese car (ultimative act of carfuck), playing the bonvivant und the dandy, reciting texts from the famous Rotterdam Jules Deelder, jumping on cars on the sound of Ice T's Bodycount.

In normal daily life people normally act very adapted. Here with Kafka on the car cemetery everything was possible: Sex & violence, innocence & intelligence all mixed up to an ecclectic, excentric, extravert, excessive and exciting Gesamtkunstwerk. Enjoy the result.